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Disability Planner: How Much Work Do You Need?

Lynn Shoemaker Attorney

  Disability Planner: How Much Work Do You Need?   In addition to meeting the definition of disability, you must have worked long enough–and recently enough–under Social Security to qualify for disability benefits. Social Security work credits are based on your total yearly wages or self-employment income. You can earn up to four credits each year. […]

Welcome to Lynn Shoemaker Law Office – Your first consultation is FREE

Lynn Shoemaker Attorney

Welcome to Lynn Shoemaker Law Office.   Greetings, from Lynn Shoemaker Law Office, Attorney Lynn Shoemaker, an east Tennessee attorney with an office in Kingsport Tennessee. Counselor Shoemaker has been practicing law in Kingsport and the surrounding area for nearly 40 years.  Mr. Shoemaker handles a variety of cases involving, vehicle accidents, medical malpractice and on the job […]

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