New Features 👍 Check your eligibility on

New Features 👍 Check your eligibility on

New Eligibility Feature

Find out what benefits you may be eligible for!

Check your eligibility on

Have you heard the news? has launched a new feature! This new feature was designed with citizens in mind, to provide a quick and easy way to pre-screen eligibility for the benefits on our site.

Head over to, browse our benefit categories, select the benefit you are interested in, and answer a few questions to check your eligibility based on program requirements. Based on your response, a results tab will return with information on the benefit’s application process, contact information, and other benefits you may be eligible to receive. This feature is designed to save time and provide all the information a citizen needs to begin the next steps in the application process.

Check out one of our top viewed benefits, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to test the new feature. You can also click on the box below to browse the 16 benefit categories on our site.


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